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“Football isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s much more important than that”. As romantic as it may sound, this famous quote by the great Bill Shankly is evidently exaggerated.
However, for football addicts, Shankly’s words are something so poetic and empowering that it makes even Homer and Socrates sound bland.
From any sane person’s perspective, professional football is merely a sport and it is difficult to argue with this fact even for the most overzealous lovers of ‘The Beautiful Game’.
Literally speaking, football is nothing more than 22 men running around a field for 90 minutes in pursuit of a small ball. Despite being hailed as magical by millions, Lionel Messi does not have the cure for Ebola and no, Glen Johnson’s calamitous defending has not killed anyone.
So strictly adhering to logic, football is only a game which is played by a bunch of overpaid players and watched by many around the world purely as a source of entertainment.

It is only a game?!?

But if everything were viewed with the pinch of salt that is rationality – then even love can be described as a mere chemical reaction which releases Dopamine into our brain, a film is just a group of people reciting lines from a script while music is simply a bunch of chords sequenced together to produce different sounds.
Therefore, only if logic is put to aside, one can begin to understand what gives birth to irrational fanatics of the game.
The Beautiful Game has the power to enthrall as well as enrage, give unbridled joy but make a grown man weep, forge friendships while create bloody rivalries. Yes, football is just a game but at the same time, it is exponentially much more than that.
Now, the question is what creates this illogical passion? What makes fans of the game so devoted to a team or a player that one is ready to put everything on hold to support sporting organizations and individuals whom they will probably never encounter in their entire lives? Well let’s delve into the psychology of football fans. – Sarad Bade Shrestha. Read More…