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I am a writer/editor and content manager with over five years of online publishing and Content Management System experience, and have had over 22,000 articles published on various websites as well as publications. I am also the founder & owner of the website In addition to my experience in the field of digital media, I am interested in the business side of online publishing organizations and have been contributing to a number of websites as the data/content analyst, having acquired skills in various analytics tools as well as programming languages since my graduation as a Finance major in 2013.


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★ Specialties – ★ Writing/Editing/Online Publishing ★ Content Management Systems/Wordpress ★ Markup/Style Sheet Language - HTML & CSS ★ Programming/Query Languages/Tools - Python/Mysql/MS Visual Studio/MS Server Management Studio ★ Data Visualization/Modelling - Tableau, Gretl, Excel ★ Online Marketing/Social Media ★ Analytical articles on football relating to tactics, player/managerial styles, mini-biographies, news, match previews, betting previews, features, lists and weekly reviews among others

Writing/Editing/Online Publishing/Wordpress


Tableau, Gretl, Excel

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Jan 1

Psychology of football fanatics – Is it only a game?!?

Read Original “Football isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s much more important than that”. As romantic as it may sound, this famous quote by the great Bill Shankly is evidently exaggerated. However, for football addicts, Shankly’s words are something so poetic and empowering that it makes even Homer and Socrates sound bland. From […]

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Jan 0
Jan 0

Pep Guardiola – Inside the mind of modern football’s greatest tactician

Read Original Even during his playing days, one could imagine Pep Guardiola going on to lead a successful side from the dugout. A midfield general who was the brains of the Barcelona side during the 90s, Guardiola had been hailed as the on-field orchestrator of Catalan symphony. The legendary Louis van Gaal once perfectly explained […]

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Jan 0
Jan 0

The curious case of Mesut Ozil at Arsenal

Read Original Elation would be the apt expression to describe the feelings of Arsenal fans after news filtered in on transfer deadline day last season that German superstar Mesut Ozil would be joining the club. After all, Ozil had probably been the best playmaker in the world and the club record fee of £42.5million shelled […]

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Jan 0
Jan 0

Långholmen FC – The rise of the true international club

Read Original One would struggle to find a tool as influential as Football which has the power to unite people from all origins, races, backgrounds and cultures. In a world still troubled by racial discrimination, ‘The Beautiful Game’ has perhaps done more to promote tolerance, pride and a sense of belonging among the people than […]

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